Interested in Kentish Aquatic Club Membership?

The Kentish Aquatic Club offers a great deal to its members and is welcomes visitors and interest from potential new members.

As we have a strict membership cap, we also have careful criteria for our new members, so as to maintain the ethos, vision and mission of the club.

For further information, please read our Strategic Plan Kentish Aquatic Club Strategic Plan 2019

There are nomination and membership fees involved –

KAC Membership Nomination Form

KAC Fees and Accommodation Charges 2023.24

The process:

First step to seeking to becoming a member involves a familiarisation period where we can get to know you and you can get to know us. Firstly, an existing member must nominate you and the relevant nomination fees will apply. If the nomination is approved, the next step is a familiarisation period of three months or 8 visits during the active part of our ski season.

During this period you will need to be hosted at the KAC site by a member at all times. If your hosting member is not available and you wish to come to the site, then another host can be arranged. When visiting the KAC site during this period, you must sign the visitor’s book in the club-house. Please note that visitors or nominated members are not permitted to bring pets or guests to the club site until becoming a full member.

If you still wish to become a member at the end of this period, your potential membership is discussed and decided by vote at the next KAC committee meeting. If your membership is approved, then annual fees apply immediately.


Contact KAC President David Stallard, who will be happy discuss opportunities with you.

Phone: 0418 132 742



Casual Camping and Accommodation Fees

Please note that KAC is a private member’s club. Non-members may only stay on site whilst accompanied by a full member host at ALL times. Non-members must abide by club rules and policies and pay the appropriate fees. It is up to the host to ensure this is observed.

How to pay for your camping and accommodation at KAC 2023:24

Constitution, By-laws and Policies

KENTISH AQUATIC CLUB Inc Constitution (updated August 2020)

KAC BYLAWS and POLICIES (updated 15 March 2024)

Strategic Plan

Kentish Aquatic Club Strategic Plan

Bushfire Management Plan

Bushfire management plan