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Our History

The history of the Kentish Aquatic Club began when Tasmania’s Hydro Electric Commission formed a number of lakes in North-Western Tasmania with the construction of the Mersey-Forth power scheme.

In 1969 the construction of the Devil’s Gate Dam was completed which flooded the Forth River valley forming Lake Barrington. Intrepid water ski enthusiasts who were involved with the construction of the power scheme and Devil’s Gate Dam recognised the potential for the new lake to be used as a fantastic water sports venue. Fortunately those individuals had the foresight and good fortune to secure the use of suitable land, for the purpose of establishing a water ski club.

That site, located on the eastern shore of the newly flooded lake, at the confluence of Exels Creek and the Forth River, was the launching pad for the first aquatic club to be established at Lake Barrington. Following a meeting at the Kentish Hotel in 1971, the Kentish Aquatic Club was born. Club records indicate that at it’s inception the club had a membership of nine families numbering 26 people in total. Mr Karl Birk was the charter president supported by Mr Kevin Nicholson as secretary.

The club continues to operate from the same site although it is a far cry from the site of 1971. From humble beginnings the club has grown and developed through the selfless giving of countles hours of volunteer work and the efforts of many people over the years. Today, club members are privileged to enjoy the benefits of our magnificent site only because of the continued dedication of members and the foresight of that group who got together in March 1971 and laid the foundations of the club we cherish today.






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